“The secret to survive in a wild, competitive and challenging world is to gather people and stimulate them to share vision, goals and ressources”

Events2you Service

Events2you Service is more than just a phrase. It is a platform where we provide a various range of services to our clients.

Based on your expertise and field of activity, we can evaluate the opportunity to build and finance an international conference.

Used ad lib or globally, these services add maximum value to your professional meetings, conferences or events, large or small, simple or complex, local or international – in Belgium, Europe or anywhere in the world.

Events2you Service

Events2you Service includes:

Before the event

  • Feasability studies
  • Joint management of the event
  • Management advice for B2B events
  • Advice on structuring the event content
  • Scientific committee management
  • Drawing up logistical specifications
  • Communication plan
  • Communication management (print, website, emailing, webtv, press conference, etc.)
  • Exhibitor search and management
  • Contributor management (contacts, travel, accommodation, etc.)
  • Participant management (registration, online payments, etc.)
  • Logistical preparation (venue, equipment, personnel, etc.)
  • Search for public or private funding
  • Overall management of the event

During the event

  • Logistical set-up and installation
  • Welcome of participants and contributors
  • On-site communication
  • Correct sequencing of the event content
  • B2B platform management
  • Catering, accommodation and general organisation

After the event

  • Restoring the site to its initial condition
  • Thanking the participants and contributors
  • Financial reporting

Events2you can provide additional services in its fields of expertise, tailored for the projects submitted. With our partners or yours (architects, stage designers, etc.), we can integrate the design and installation of simple or complex, ephemeral or durable event structures.